Saturday, December 4, 2010

Miles and Vivienne's First Snow

I can't believe it.  Today, it actually snowed in Cary.  It wasn't an Indiana snowstorm, but we got some accumulation.  Unfortunately, it will probably be gone tomorrow.  But, we definitely count this as the babies' first snow, and we took some Christmasy (is that a word?) pictures outside.

Miles loves the Christmas tree!

He strikes a more subdued pose.

Mommy and Miles

I think I like this powdery white stuff!

Ok, I'm starting to get get cold, guys.

I'm cute even when I'm not smiling.

Don't you like my super cute bear trapper hat?


  1. LOVE the cute hats! Where did you find those? We missed our opportunity to get snow-in-action photos yesterday. They were napping during a lot of the daylight snow. We will try to capture at least some evidence of the snow today.

  2. Hi, Lynn! I need to email you. We got the hats at Old Navy. I think they are the one clothing item that I've actually bought for the babies in a real store (not consignment!).