Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sleeping and Feeding Update

Luckily, the babies have been sleeping much better lately.  They are finally starting to get over their colds, though they do have coughing fits every now and then.  The coughing has been really hard, because it wakes them up - both during the night and during their daytime naps. 

Now, they are back to their routine.  They generally go to bed around 6:30.  Then they eat again around midnight.  Sometimes they have a 4 or 5 am feeding, and then they sleep until about 8 am.  This is a huge step forward from a couple weeks ago where they were waking up every 3 hours all night.  We take them to our life group every Monday night, and we can usually just set their infant carriers up in one of the spare bedrooms (with the babies awake), and they will fall asleep and sleep until we get home.  I never would have dreamed of this even a month ago. 

I've gotten much bolder about taking them out and about.  We go out almost every single day, often running errands and sometimes going to play dates or getting together with friends.  Miles has toned down his crying a lot.  When he was in his younger months, he would frequently have crying fits.  They don't occur nearly as often now.  This is a great relief to me, because it was hard to watch him get so frequently upset (and often for no apparent reason). 

The babies are also going for longer stretches in between their feedings.  They still eat about every 2.5 to 3 hours, but sometimes they go for stretches greater than 4 hours.  I very rarely feed them in public (and never feed them in tandem in public, in case you were wondering!).  I usually try to schedule things so that I can be home to feed them.

Physically, they have changed so much.  Miles is still rolling from his tummy to his back, but he doesn't roll the other way.  Vivienne is not a roller yet.  They both have excellent head control and can sit up with assistance, making it easy for us to have them at the dinner table with us or tote them around the house without worrying so much about their little necks and heads.

Their eyes are still very blue.  They could still change to another color, but we very well may have two blue-eyed babies (which is not very likely with 2 parents with brown eyes and both sets of grandparents with brown eyes).  Jason's sister and my niece have blue eyes, so we do know that each family has some "little b's" hidden in their genes.

Miles and Vivienne really talk up a storm now.  They make more consonant sounds every day.  Sometimes they will look at each other and start babbling to each other, which is ridiculously cute.  We love tickling them and hearing their precious little giggles.

When they're eating at the same time, they always hold each other's hands.  I wish I could post a picture of this.  It is so incredibly sweet.

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  1. Sounds like things are going great! You're super lucky on them sleeping on the go at life group. We just moved our group to our place so we could put them to bed. It was so much work taking them somewhere else and putting them down (although that was a few months ago before we switched locations). I love the cute things they do while nursing - I agree with you, it's not anything I can post but it sure is funny and cute nonetheless.