Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thumb Suckers

Miles and Vivienne are both thumb suckers.  They didn't really start sucking their thumbs until around 3 months.  I was honestly glad to see them start sucking, because we haven't given them pacifiers.  When they first started sucking their thumbs, they didn't have the coordination to reliably keep them in their mouths, so they would get frustrated when their thumbs suddenly decided to go away (with involuntary arm movements).  Now, they can find their thumbs very easily, and they use the sucking to pacify themselves and help themselves sleep.  We have even found that they don't seem to like the vertical shoulder holding position (like a burping position), because it's harder for them to get their thumbs up to their mouths.  Their little hands (especially the right thumbs) are a little chapped from all the sucking. 

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious that their poor thumbs are getting chapped. Claire makes the loudest Maggie Simpson sound when sucking her thumb. Yes, when they were able to get their thumbs out from under their fingers (in a fist), it became a lot easier for them to actually suck the thumb - ah, this thumb DOES stick out!