Friday, December 31, 2010

Babies' First Christmas

We had a wonderful first Christmas with Miles and Vivienne.  Christmas was on a Saturday, and we arrived late on Wednesday night.  On Thursday afternoon, Brian (my brother), Mary (his wife), Tori (my 13-year-old niece) and their beautiful 6-month-old daughter, Elizabeth, arrived.  They live in California, so it was our first time to meet our little niece and our first opportunity to introduce Miles and Vivienne to their aunt, uncle and cousins.  Baby Elizabeth is incredibly cute and has the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen.  She's a very happy little baby.

Tori and Elizabeth

Tori and Vivienne

Smiling Cousins

Beautiful Tori

Superbaby Elizabeth

She has eyes like a bushbaby.

One of many cute outtakes.

Elizabeth just might be the happiest baby ever.

Grandma was VERY happy to have all her grandchildren together.

Naps on Granddad are the best.

Christmas Eve was a relaxing day with the babies.  It was fun to see how different they are.  Elizabeth is only about a month and a half ahead of Miles and Vivienne, but she can do so many things that they can't do yet.  She is such a strong little baby.  It's neat to think that our babies may be doing these things in just a couple months, too.

We "went" to the Christmas Eve service at my parents' church.  The service started at 6 PM and lasted until around 7:30 PM.  When we got to the nursery to drop the babies off, there was only one worker there.  Our family alone brought in three babies (our two and then Elizabeth).  Very soon, other babies started pouring into the nursery and there were two volunteers.  Needless to say, a lot of the parents (including us) ended up watching our babies in the nursery instead of watching the service.  It was still fun to try to be at church all together, though.  We brought the babies into the sanctuary for the candlelit Silent Night at the end.

Christmas morning was relaxing.  While Jason and I made our breakfast oatmeal, Brian, Mary and Tori took Vivienne and Miles upstairs to surprise us with some ridiculously cute Christmas outfits.  Miles was the cutest helper Santa's ever had and Vivienne was the perfect Miss Santa.

He has the perfect elfish grin.

Vivienne was a huge fan of her little Santa outfit.

Granddad with the Christmas Gang.

This hat might be a tad too big, but it sure is cute!

I won't even pretend that I'm not the sweetest little biscuit that Christmas has ever seen.

After making coffee, everyone went into the living room to open presents.  It was fun to see the babies "open" their first presents.  Of course, they seem completely unaware that it's Christmas or that there are presents, but the grown-ups still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  After presents, we ate a delicious turkey, dressing and fixins.

All tuckered out from too much Christmas action.

Sometimes elves aren't so happy.

Beautiful Smith Family

Elizabeth loves her mommy's Maya wrap.

Mary pretends she has twins.  I don't think Elizabeth is too excited about having a twin.

Tori and Miles

Miles flashes his winning smile with Grandma.

First Fox Christmas Photo

Christmas 2010 was a wonderful time with family.  We know that we probably won't have too many Christmases with everyone together, because we would like to start having the holidays at our own home, so it was such a special time to all be together for the holidays this year.

I have even more pictures on my camera that I can't load right now because our hard drive is full.  I might post more once we figure out how to free up some hard drive space.


  1. Those are some seriously cute babies! The Christmas outfits are so cute. I thought about letting ours wear their outfits until they grew out of them, but finally decided to pack them away yesterday...sigh.

  2. Okay, those pictures of Miles and Vivienne are over the top cute! So glad that you and your extended family had a wonderful visit. Loved the pictures of the cousins together!