Saturday, January 1, 2011

After Christmas

We spent the next few days after Christmas enjoying time with family and friends.  My good friend from elementary and high school, Rusti, came by to visit.  She is pregnant with her first child.  It was so fun to see her and her growing belly.  This time next year, she will be celebrating her first Christmas with her baby!

There were lots of laughs and squeals while we were trying to get the babies to pose for our photos.  I wish we had a video camera of all the adults actually trying to get the babies to smile.  We sounded like a flock of crazy birds or something - lots of cooing, squealing and baby talk.

We had a few "firsts" this trip - first shoes for Miles (from Grandma - they matched one of his new cute little outfits) and first time in a high chair for Miles and Viv.

Obligatory family photo with baby hats

Viv's first time in a high chair

I like my first shoes!

I think he knows that he has an infectious smile.

Rusti and Me

Cute Cousins

Our Adorable Trio

Outtake 1 - I'm losing my hat!  Elizabeth thinks it's funny.  Vivienne is just confused.

Outtake 2 - This is scary!  Why is Elizabeth always smiling?  Where did Viv go?

Outtake 3 - I eat your arm!  Elizabeth is finally bored.  Viv is amazed by her hands.

Rusti will be holding her own baby boy next year!

Elizabeth makes a mighty cute elf.

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

I may be the happiest baby ever.

Mommy and Vivienne

Elizabeth and her Daddy


  1. I'm imagining the sounds that went with the big group pictures...

  2. Super fun! It really is hilarious trying to get all the babies to be in a picture, particularly when none of them can sit on their own. They are all three so cute.