Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miles is a Crackup

Yesterday, Miles and Vivienne were lying on the play mat, and I was in the next room checking emails.  I heard Vivienne giggling her little head off, and I had to come into the family room to find out what was so funny.  Miles was lying right beside her.  He would wiggle around a bit and then look her in the eye.  Each time he looked at her, she just giggled the sweetest baby giggle.  Who knew the little guy could be so funny?  =)  I got some video.  Sorry about the angle, but I was worried that they would stop if they saw me and the camera.


  1. So fun! I love how they can crack each other up.

  2. Just showed Jay. He loved it. Now he's going around imitating Vivienne. I said, "You go in there a get me that baby."