Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snuggle Puppy

Last night, we got hit with an ice storm, so SAS delayed opening until 1 PM and closed at 5 PM.  Jason decided to work from home.  The babies and I were very excited.  Miles got to spend some time helping Daddy fix some bugs:

Daddy couldn't do it without me.

Here are some close-ups that I took of my angels yesterday:

Sweet Baby Girl

I can never fit this thing in my mouth!

I love this picture of my little man.
This afternoon, both babies took some good naps.  Vivienne actually fell asleep in the Maya ring sling.  She hasn't snuggled up with me for a nap in a long time.  The babies used to do this every day when they were younger, but now they usually nap in their cribs.  I would love to have more moments like this with my little Snuggle Puppy.  She slept like this for at least an hour.

Me and My Snuggle Puppy


  1. Aww, sweet afternoon with babies! It's fun when Dads get to be around for a little more time at home. Do you guys have the Snuggle Puppy book (I'm guessing you might)? It's so cute. I'm glad Miles is already such a good tech guy!

  2. Aww, I miss Adria sleeping on me. Actually that is my favorite thing about being on a plane ride with her now, she is forced to take a nap on Momma.