Monday, January 24, 2011

First Playdate at Our Place

Miles and Vivienne (with a little help from me) hosted their first playdate at our house today.  We have joined a great mommy group on  It has been a great way to connect to other mommies and babies that are the same age as Miles and Vivienne.  Though the babies don't interact a whole lot yet, they still seem to really enjoy each other's company.  And we moms certainly enjoy each other's company and some great conversation.  =)  I won't print all of our friends' names, because I'm not sure how comfortable they would be with that yet.  Here is a sampling of all the little cuties who were here today:

Mommy and Vivienne

She stood on her own for the very first time when they were here today!

This little guy is always happy.

This little friend is crawling all over the place now.  He helped us start our baby-proofing today.  =)

He has the cutest face.  And Mom is so sweet and down to earth.

These beautiful ladies are always fun.  I can't believe how big this little girl is already!

Wow.  She's really cute, Mom!

I think I might have a new girlfriend!


  1. Miles is getting so much hair! I can really see it growing thicker in those pics. (and I like your new blog background!)

  2. Thanks for posting these, Leslie! And for hosting us! I love your captions on the last two photos :) (Turn your head, that's a smiley face)

  3. Rachel, I don't see it the smiley face. Which way do I turn my head? ;-)