Saturday, January 29, 2011

Frozen Breast Milk Stash

In preparation to feed the babies their first solid food today, I started looking at our frozen breast milk stash.  I did a lot of pumping early on to build up my supply, mainly in their first month.  Because our babies don't take bottles, none of this was ever used.  I just put it in milk storage bags and froze it.  I've also pumped a little bit recently as the babies have started sleeping for very long stretches (just to alleviate the fullness).  Now, we can mix all this breast milk with the baby food that I'm making.

In a rough tally, we calculated about 200 ounces of breast milk in our freezer.  Wow!!  Maybe I'll make cheese with it.  (JUST kidding!)


  1. I'm sure you planned to do this already, but start with the old stuff. Our pediatrician said that your milk changes a little with your baby's needs, so what you stored from week 6 might not be complete for a 6-month baby. Best not to get too far behind if you can help it.

    Also, you joke about the cheese, but...

  2. Yeah, I'm using a FIFO system with the milk. Because I'm just using it to thin out the food, I'm not too worried about it. If I were feeding it to them in bottles (as their breast milk sustenance), then I definitely wouldn't want to use 6-month-old milk.

    I met a woman last week who made butter with her milk. She said that she feeds it to her baby (on pancakes, etc) - they don't eat it themselves. =)

  3. Oh wow, breastbutter. Interesting. I guess she is only feeding it to the baby who's used to having it, but still seems a bit unusual.