Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Solid Foods

Today, Miles and Vivienne tried their first "solid" food.  Well, it wasn't exactly solid, but it was definitely the only non-breast milk food they've ever eaten (besides vitamin drops).

Unfortunately, our timing wasn't great.  While I was mixing the sweet potatoes that I made last night with some breast milk, Miles started fussing.  He was getting tired and cranky earlier than we expected.  So, we went into this little experiment with a fussy baby - not a great idea.  But we were too excited to back out at that point, so we decided to plow ahead and see if he would get with the program.

Of course, he did not.  He was wondering why we weren't getting with his program.  But we had a blast watching them eat their first "solids" anyway.

My Little Sweet Potato Wearing Her Sweet Potatoes

I like this stuff, Daddy!

I hope sweet potatoes are good for my complexion!
Up until about a year old, the majority of their calories will still come from my breast milk.  The baby food that they eat is more like a treat or condiment to the main course, which will still be my milk.  It's fun to see them eat, but I'm a little sad that this is another step away from them needing me.  Oh, the ever continuing process of letting go... 

We'll continue with the sweet potatoes once a day for at least the next 4 days before trying something else.  We think we'll try a green vegetable next.


  1. Okay, Vivi is simply darling with her sweet potatoes on her face!
    And don't worry about them not needing you too soon, you've seen my crew at lunch...

  2. I can relate to all of that (except the 2 at one time deal). I made my daughter's food but haven't been as good about it this go round. Jordan's first food was avocado-she loved it. I liked that I didn't have to cook it first.

    Congrats on another first!

  3. Okay, I admit I feel better that someone else's baby didn't like food. What's up with the boys not liking it? We're still struggling with Will, he has not liked ANY food yet. He definitely still needs his mama.