Tuesday, January 25, 2011

6 Month Pediatrician Appointment

Today, we took Miles and Vivienne to their six month pediatrician's appointment.  We were really scrambling this morning to take showers, eat breakfast and get there in time, but we made it.

Everything looks really good.  Miles stats are:

  • 17 lb 3 oz (41st percentile)
  • 27 inches long (67th percentile)
  • 17.25 inch head circumference (49th percentile).
Vivienne's stats are:

  • 15 lb 2 oz (29th percentile)
  • 25.25 inches long (28th percentile)
  • 16.75 inch head circumference (50th percentile)
Overall, they are growing very well and are happy, healthy babies.  The doctor did notice that they have "low tone," as she called it.  She didn't seem terribly concerned about this, but she said that they may do some of the bigger motor developments at a slower pace than some other babies.  She seemed to indicate that some babies just have lower tone than others.  Between their daddy's perfect tone from all the swimming and Ironmans and my ridiculously muscular calves (though the rest of me isn't very toned anymore), I'm not terribly worried about their tone in the long run.  =)

The pediatrician also tested their reflexes with a little hammer.  It was cute to see their little baby legs and arms move after she tapped them.

They also got a few vaccinations today.  Neither Miles nor Vivienne enjoyed the shots very much.  They were already starting to get a bit cranky because the appointment is during the time of their usual morning nap.  And when they got those shots, they really started crying.  Miles started crying so hard that he didn't breathe for a few moments.  Both the nurse and I said, "Breathe!!"  Poor little guy.  But they got their cute little band-aids and seemed to recover rather quickly.  We came home and took good, long naps.  Nothing is better than a nap with my sweet baby and her favorite kitty.

Vivienne and Chloe Nap Together
Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.


  1. Aww, poor little ones. Shots just stink, no way around it.

  2. They are growing great! No matter what time we schedule the appointments, by they time they do all of the stuff for two babies it is always running into a nap or feeding for us. So they get to the shots last, right when your babies have about had it, and then send you on your way to deal with crying, sad, tired, hungry babies. Woohoo doctor visits!