Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guest Bathroom Redo

My parents came to visit last weekend.  It was great to have them with us - always fun to see Grandma and Granddad with Miles and Vivienne.  The babies loved all the attention, and it's fun for me to see my parents crawling around and making funny voices with the babies.  Dad had to leave on Monday, but Mom stayed through until Wednesday.  Somehow, I managed not to take a single picture of the babies with their grandparents, but I do have photographic evidence that they were here. 

Our guest bathroom went from looking like this:

To looking like this:

And from this:

To this:

I installed a new light fixture (that I got on clearance from Lowe's for a STEAL), framed the mirror and painted the walls.  I am now in love with our guest bath.  I might have to start taking my showers in there.  =)

The wooden frame is glued to the mirror.  I bought wooden medallions and trim from Lowe's.  I had read in other blogs that some people like using the MDF trim because it's straighter (you don't have the bowing like you get with the wood), but I worry about having MDF in the bathroom, particularly on the mirror where the kids are likely to splash a lot of water on it. 

Originally, I tried to use a hot glue gun, because I read that that had worked for other people online.  However, it did not work for me.  My wood was slightly bowed, and the larger pieces fell off.  I scraped the dried hot glue off the back.  Then I tried using Liquid Nails, and it worked great.  Jason and I had to hold the pieces for a few minutes (like 10 minutes), but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

The paint is a really pretty, airy sort of sea foam green.  It matches the old shower curtain very well, and also matches the darker greenish tile that was already in the bathroom.  But I'm hopeful that I'll be able to change out the curtain for something more fun when the babies get a little older and this becomes their bathroom.

I also painted a cabinet while my parents were here, but that project isn't done yet, so I'm not ready to post pictures.

Thanks, Dad, for helping me put up the mirror frame.  Thanks, Jason, for sitting in the bathroom and holding it against the mirror with me for while the glue dried.  Thanks, Mom, for helping me pick out the paint color and watching the babies and allowing me to get so much done this past week!

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  1. Wow, that looks great! You are a regular DIY'er. It's amazing what can be done with grandparents to help.