Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stand By Me

Last Sunday, I thought I saw Vivienne stand up from a seated position without holding onto anything.  I wasn't sure that I remembered that correctly, but I thought I saw it.

Then on Tuesday, she did it over and over and over.  She has really enjoyed practicing her newly found skill.  She has even tried to take a step.  She always moves one leg forward but then falls over.  She is so close to taking her first steps.  I just hope she does it tomorrow before we leave for our trip to New York. 

Oh, yeah.  Did I mention that we're going to leave these beautiful babies this weekend for TWO NIGHTS?  How can I leave this beautiful face?

Or this priceless grin?

I'm really looking forward to being with my friend, Beth, on her wedding day.  But we sure will be glad to come home to this:


  1. Enjoy your babymoon! It's great to get some quality time with the hubby. And I recommend video calls every night to keep you from missing the kids too much.

  2. I will be praying for you guys as you leave the kiddos!