Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Mouse in the House

Yesterday morning, while we were feeding the babies their breakfast, we heard this little "Eep!  Eep!  Eep!" coming from the dining room.  Noah, our rather portly tabby, seemed to be entertaining himself with whatever was making the little eeps.  Jason went to check it out and said,"Leslie, come here."  I turned the corner.  And what did I see?


This little guy.  Somehow a field mouse made his way into our house.  I keep the house clean, and I have never seen any evidence of mice (droppings or anything chewed), so I'm guessing that Mortimer hitch-hiked his way in in some bags that we brought in from the garage the day before.

Jason, being the man of the house, caught the little fellow in a bowl and took him out to the back of our property to let him go.  (He also gets the luxury of killing bugs, being that he's the man of the house and all.)

I'm really hoping that Mortimer doesn't have any friends hanging out in here.  He's cute, but I don't want him to take up permanent residence in our home.

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