Friday, August 19, 2011

You Look Away for One Second...

Yesterday, I made some squash muffins using a recipe that my friend, Elaine, gave me.  (They turned out to be excellent - thank you!)  Miles was playing in the family room and foyer.  Vivienne was still napping.  I was testing my squash muffins, trying to decide if they needed a few more minutes.  I could hear Miles playing.  Then I heard a "clink!"  What?  Clink?!?  We have a wooden gate at the bottom of the stairs and a metal gate at the top of the stairs.  The "clink" was the metal gate shutting.  I ran to the stairs and saw Miles at the top, with the metal gate shut, smiling at me through the bars.  He had climbed all the way to the top by himself and shut the gate behind him.  Thank God that he shut the gate and didn't fall trying to get back down the stairs by himself.  I would never have forgiven myself if he had gotten hurt.

You look away for one second...

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  1. Man, kids sure know how to scare the daylights out of us! I'm glad he decided to shut the gate.