Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy 13 Months

Ahhh!!  So I completely let their 13-month birthday go by last week without a "happy 13th month" birthday message.  I suppose it will get harder and harder to keep this going, especially when they're 7 and it's more like "Happy 83 Months!!"  Oh, well.

The babies turned 13 months old last Thursday.  Every time I think that they cannot become any more of a joy in my life, they prove me wrong.  Miles is still full of energy, crawling everywhere, spilling water all over himself when he tries to drink it, chasing balls in the foyer, harassing Noah and chattering up a storm.  Vivienne is cute and bubbly and snuggly and tries to keep up with her brother (she often has a great view of his cloth diapered bottom as he crawls away), practices standing quite frequently, is tall enough to reach the drawer pulls in the kitchen and bathroom (gasp!!) and loves to rock on our recliner and feel like a big girl.

Miles still has 4 teeth - 2 on top and 2 on the bottom.  Vivienne has 3 teeth on the top (with one of her front two teeth missing) and 2 teeth on the bottom.  Her "missing" tooth is just starting to push through the gums.

Happy belated 13 month birthday, my lovely babes!!

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