Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jason Visit

This past weekend, Aunt Michelle (Jason's sister) and Uncle Jason (Michelle's husband, not to be confused with Daddy Jason) came to visit us from Cleveland.  They flew in Friday night and stayed with us until Monday.  It was Michelle's second visit and Jason's first time meeting Miles and Vivienne.  Michelle and Jason did lots of baby holding, changed diapers, rocked Miles to sleep during a tantrum (major bonus points to Uncle Jason), gave baths and just spent a lot of time enjoying the babies.  Miles and Vivienne loved having them here and soaked up all the attention.

Who is this guy?  I bet he'll be a good Daddy some day.

Aunt Michelle is cozy to snuggle up on.

I like bath time with my aunt and uncle!

Now it's Miles' turn!

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