Sunday, October 10, 2010

Letting Them Cry It Out (On Accident)

Well, last night, we let the babies "cry it out" for the first time. Unfortunately, this was not on purpose.  Doh!

We put the babies to sleep in the nursery.  Miles actually fell asleep around 6:30 just after we got home from our walk.  Lila (his grandmother) put him down to sleep in his nursery.  Vivienne ate around 6:30 and then we put her down around 7 or 7:30.

Our lovely neighbors were having a party - a particularly loud party.  They started around 5 and went until after 10 PM, when we tried to go to sleep.  They were singing and dancing and burning a fire in their back yard, which is adjacent to our back yard, so we had to close all the windows (even though it was 78 degrees in our room and nice and cool outside - grrr!!) and turn the fan in our room on high to cover the noise of the bass so that I could sleep.  We brought the baby monitor into our room, but apparently we didn't turn it up loud enough.

Jason woke up around 12:30 in the morning (which was 7 hours after Miles had last eaten) and realized that we had not yet gotten up to feed the babies.  When he went to check on them, Miles was crying a little bit and Vivienne was just chatting up a storm with her invisible friend (or maybe with Miles, who wasn't listening).  We had no idea how long they had been awake.

When we got up this morning, Lila said that they had started crying around 11:45.  So, we basically let Miles cry for 45 minutes on his own.  I think Vivienne was also crying with him at the beginning, but she gave up after about 15 minutes.

After the 12:30 feeding, they went FOUR hours until 4:30 (which is actually really good for our babies).  Then, after that feeding, they didn't really wake us up until after 8 AM, which was wonderful.  They usually wake us up around 7 AM no matter when they last ate - I think the sunrise wakes them up.  All in all, it was a great night for mom and dad, because we got to sleep for longer stretches.

So we inadvertently let our babies "cry it out" last night.  At least they survived and they still seemed to love us this morning.  =)

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