Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rogaine for Babies?

Vivienne continues to lose more hair.  A couple mornings ago, Jason brought down the burp cloth that we had under her head last night.  At first, I honestly thought that he was bringing me a burp cloth that one of the cats had laid on, because it was covered in hair.  =(  It makes me sad that all of her hair is falling out, but I know that it will eventually grow back.

But she is living proof that bald is beautiful! 

Viv sucking her thumb in Grandma's arms.


  1. Actually, it is more like 'peach fuzz is beautiful'...
    Hang in there, it will come back. I'm living proof!

  2. Adria is 22 months old, and we can give her a top-knot but not a real pony-tail. You may have to be patient....