Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy 14 Weeks!

There is news on the baby hair front!  Vivienne is already growing her hair back!  Hip, hip, hoorah!  The only problem now is that Miles is starting to gradually lose his hair.  His hair line is creeping further and further back, making his little face look like it's getting bigger and bigger.  Luckily, though, it looks like he's not going to lose all of his hair.

The weekend before last, my parents came to visit the grandbabies, and my mom stayed through the week to help me, because our amazing doula, Pam, was going out of town.  While both of my parents were here, Jason and I went on our first official date.  We went to Thaiphoon Bistro in Downtown Raleigh.  Dinner was great, and then we went to the Skinny Dip, which is a lot like Pinkberry.  We had a wonderful time with just the two of us, even though we did spend a lot of time talking about Miles and Vivienne.

Family photo before our date
My parents really enjoyed spending time with the babies.  Grandma always loves to see her grandchildren, and I think my dad particularly enjoyed this visit.

My father had to leave that Monday, but Mom stayed through until Thursday to help me with the babies.  We have to say a huge "thank you" to Grandma for holding babies, cooking us dinner (she made my favorite spaghetti from when I was a little girl), doing laundry and just being an all-around stellar grandmother.

Just last week, while the babies were nursing, Vivienne started staring at Miles.  Then she started talking and cooing at him!  It was so sweet to watch her talking to her brother.  They have been holding hands while they nurse for a long time now, but it's fun to see them actually start to try to communicate with each other.

The Sunday before last, I finally wore normal jeans to church.  For the longest time, I've still been wearing maternity shorts and jeans because my hips were way too big to get into my old jeans (and I refused to buy jeans a size larger).  It's nice to finally be able to wear some of my normal clothes again.  I had major muffin top with my regular jeans on, but I earned that muffin top having two beautiful babies, so I'll take it.  =)  I still need to pack away my maternity clothes someplace.  I'm still holding on to them so that I can wear them if when we got for #3.


  1. Your parents look so happy holding your babies!

    And 'I'm still holding on to them so that I can wear them if when we got for #3'? :)

    If you can survive two at once, you could have a whole baseball team!

  2. Wow, it took me a year to fit into my old pants and 18 months to lose the weight. It probably helps that you maintained your muscles while prego. It took me forever to build back up the muscles I lost while lounging around pregnant. I have learned for next time ;-).

  3. Already thinking about #3, eh?

  4. Leslie you look AMAZING in your date night photo! And yay for #3!!! I want to be preggo with #2 so badly already! I still don't know how you manage so well with twins - it occurs to me all the time when I am feeling overwhelmed with just the one! Maybe we'll wait a bit to try for #2 after all. =)