Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 3 Months!

Today, Miles and Vivienne are three months old.  How in the world are we suddenly at three months?  In some ways, it feels like they were born yesterday, and in other ways, it feels like they have been a part of our family forever.

My Happy Man

Miles is growing like crazy.  He's getting a lot more coordination in his hands.  When we hand him a rattle now, he will hold it for up to ten minutes sometimes (and other times he drops it after about 30 seconds).  It's neat to see him able to hold his grip for such a long time.  He is starting to get much better neck control.  When he's in the carrier or the sling, he can hold his head up for a very long time - looking around at the house or the trees while we're out on our walks.  Miles is just starting to coo more, talking to his daddy and his grandparents.  It's so amazing to hear his sweet little voice.  His smile is infectious.

Vivienne is still our petite little angel.  She has a face like a dream - just an incredibly beautiful baby.  She seems to have the biggest eyes any baby has ever had... gorgeous blue (at least for now) eyes.  Vivienne has been our chatty little baby for quite a few weeks now.  She loves to flash her sweet smile and make coos and squeals as she talks to us.  Just last night, she looked over at Miles while she was eating and started trying to talk to him.  Of course, he was completely oblivious, but it was so cute to see her clearly trying to communicate with her brother.  Like Miles, Vivienne loves to take baths, especially when Daddy is bathing her.

We've been blessed with our little babies in our lives for three months now.  I can't wait for the upcoming months and years.  I only hope that I can love them and raise them to the best of our abilities.  This is truly the most important job I have ever had.

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  1. Precious photos and always enjoy your updates!