Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy 11 Weeks!

Miles and Vivienne hit 11 weeks yesterday.  It's unclear to me when you stop counting their age in weeks and start counting in months.  I guess we'll stick with weeks until they are 3 months old or so (which will be on October 18 - can't believe we're almost there!).

Miles weighed 12 pounds 8.5 oz this morning.  Vivienne hit her first real double digits at 10 pounds 4.5 oz.  They were born pretty close in size (6 pounds for Viv and 6.5 pounds for Miles, roughly), but now the difference in their sizes is quite noticeable.  He is a chunky monkey, and she is a petite baby girl.

Vivienne has started to lose the hair on the top of her head.  She has what sort of looks like male pattern baldness.  I've heard that this is quite common, though, and it should grow back eventually.  However, when her hair grows back, it could be an entirely different color or texture - very interesting.  I'll be glad when she has her hair back.  =)

We took the babies to church again yesterday and left them in the nursery during service.  Things went very well.  They didn't flash our number up on the screen, thank goodness!  Both babies seem to do well with other people, but I don't think they are to the age yet where they start becoming apprehensive about strangers.  They usually develop stranger and separation anxiety between 3 and 6 months.  We're hopeful that between all the friends we have coming over, our wonderful doula Pam, the nursery at church and our Life Group, that the babies will be very comfortable with different people.

Here are some cute pictures that we have taken lately:

Daddy and Vivienne

Mommy and Vivienne

Our Sleeping, Balding Beauty

A tired threesome take a nap together.

He's number one with the ladies because of his winning smile.  =)

I like posing with Daddy!

Yes, I know I'm cute!

Our Little Foxy Man
Vivienne and Mommy

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  1. Adria went bald around that time too. It's crazy the process kids go through to get hair. We have a friend whose 2 year old just lost all her hair and is now growing it back again. It's probably for the best Vivienne is loosing the baby fuzz early in the game.