Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy 10 Weeks!

Miles and Vivienne were ten weeks old yesterday.  My, how the time has flown already (and sometimes dragged)!

They seem to change so much week by week, and even day by day sometimes.  Now, they are quite alert.  They maintain good eye contact for very long periods of time, and they can focus on us across a room.  They will follow us with their eyes as we walk across the room - even following us up the stairs.  It's amazing, considering that they could only focus something like 8 inches when they were born!

They smile at us every day now.  It's great fun.  Vivienne likes to smile the most, and she will coo and talk to me at least a few times a day.  She likes to say, "Ooh... ooh..."  I love it!  Miles smiles a lot, but he's not as vocal.

Miles is definitely stronger physically.  He's getting so much bigger than Vivienne already.  When I've been holding her and I put her down and pick him up, he feels like a bag of bricks!  He has very strong legs and a strong neck.  When we take our morning walks, he loves to sit in the Baby Bjorn and look up at the trees.  He can support his neck like that for at least 10 minutes now.  Vivienne's head still bobbles about when she tries to hold it up.  =)

Vivienne is a very mild-mannered baby.  She cries occasionally, but she usually recovers quickly.  Miles, on the other hand, has a tendency to completely lose his mind at a frighteningly rapid pace.  Luckily, this is happening less and less frequently.  I'll be glad when he outgrows this phase, because it's hard to see him look so upset.

The babies have been crying with real tears for about 3 weeks now probably.  It's so sad to see the little tears drip down their cheeks when they are crying hard.  =(

I love these babies so much.  They fascinate me every single day.  Even on the days when I feel like I want to pull my hair out, Vivienne will coo at me and Miles will give me a big "I love you, Mommy" smile and it's worth every minute.

(On another note, I have not been peed or pooped on in quite some time.  I think this is probably more to do with good luck than anything else.  Vivienne did poop on our neighbor last week, though... a story for another day...)

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  1. ON the peeing and pooping........maybe you are just getting quicker. Mommy reaction time improving with experience. Like a big league outfielder breaking on a fly ball as soon as he hears the crack of the bat.