Saturday, September 25, 2010

Uncontrollable Rocking

I have noticed something about myself.  If I'm in a store without the babies (which is rare) or if I'm in another room in the house and they are napping... I'm almost always rocking or swaying, as if I were rocking them to sleep or consoling them.  I think the lady at CVS thought I was crazy a few weeks ago.  I went there to return some diapers that the babies had outgrown.  I was doing the "bouncing up and down while rocking back and forth" move while standing in line.

This morning, as I was eating breakfast, the babies were crying in the family room.  Jason was working on consoling them.  I realized that I was rocking back and forth in my chair.

I think I'm developing a maternal tic or something...


  1. It goes away about a year after you stop needing to do it least it did for me.