Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy 2 Months (or 9 Weeks)!

I'm so far behind on blog updates.  The babies have been keeping us very busy.  Here are some highlights.

Last Saturday, Miles and Vivienne turned 2 months old (9 weeks old on the following day, Sunday).  Miles was particularly excited about this:

On Sunday, Daddy and Miles celebrated their 9 week birthday by watching football together:

Noah and Chloe held hands while they watched the game, too:

After that, Miles was really tuckered out:

I went to the Kids Everywear consignment sale.  There were so many things to look through, that it made my head spin.  I did manage to find a couple cute outfits pretty quickly:

Miles likes outfits that demonstrate what a foxy little guy he is.

Vivienne also wanted to show off one of her cute outfits.  This is a new one that was a gift from a friend:

Vivienne now weighs 9 lbs and Miles weighs well over 11 lbs:

And I caught this cute picture of my two handsome guys smiling together:


  1. the foxy outfit is great - way to get the play on last name in the outfits! I'm reminded of the little kid in You've Got Mail "F-O-X" ah, what a great last name to spell.

  2. Love that Miles and Daddy are already watching football together! I took the girls grocery shopping last weekend while Caleb and Daddy watched a little college ball.