Friday, September 24, 2010

Pigs Feeding at a Trough

A couple weeks ago, Miles and Vivienne were congested, particularly at night.  We took them for their 2-month checkup, and the pediatrician said that they're not sick - just congested.  When they eat at night (when they are really congested), they tend to make a lot of noises - almost like gobbling noises.  Keep in mind that I feed them at the same time (tandem breastfeeding), so it's gobbling times two.  Also, our babies tend to pass gas like crazy when the eat, especially at night.  It's pretty cute and funny (but probably not so much when they're teenagers).  Because of the way that I'm sitting in bed while they eat, they are right about at eye level with Jason's head besides me. 

A couple nights ago, Jason said, "They sound like pigs feeding at a trough or something.  And they're farting in my face... it's horrible!"  He had me laughing so hard.

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