Saturday, September 11, 2010

Viv Bear and Miles' Mug

This morning during our walk, it was a bit cooler, so Vivienne wore her adorable bear footed sleeper (with matching bear hat).  Miles was jealous, so we put a little hat and some socks on him, too.  This was actually the first time our babies have worn socks.  (Funny that I celebrate things like "first socks" now.)  =)

Cutest Little Bear I've Ever Seen

Our Little Thug


  1. someone gave us the exact same bear outfit! Maybe we're wierd - I put socks on our kids all the time, I think because MY feet get cold so I assume theirs might :)

  2. It's so weird that your babies are just in diapers all the time. I had Adria in the dead of winter and she was bundled all the time. We would actually double sock her all the time cuase she would sleep better when her feet were extra warm.