Saturday, September 4, 2010

One Blissful Night

On Wednesday night, a miracle happened.  The babies went to sleep around 8:30 after eating.  Jason and I went to sleep around 9 (going to sleep at 9 pm is not unusual for us these days - sometimes we even go to bed before that).  Miles got a little bit fussy, so I put him in the crook of my arm to sleep.

We didn't wake up until after 12:30.  I couldn't believe it.  The babies went over 4 hours in between feedings.  It was awesome.  We got so much sleep during that stretch.  Then we put them back to sleep after feeding and prayed that they would stay that way for a while.

We didn't wake up again until after 4:00 am.  They had another stretch of over 3 hours after the 4 hour stretch.  I couldn't believe it.  Then they slept until just after 7 am.

So, to sum it up, we got through a night where they only ate TWICE.  I couldn't believe it.  They have never done anything like this.  They usually eat every two or three hours, which means that they eat something like 4 times a night.

They have continued this general trend over the past couple of nights.  If they did this every night, it would change my life.  I'm not banking on them continuing this in the future, but I'll certainly pray for more blissful nights like this.


  1. Great job! It's going to happen again, don't worry, and more frequently. We are getting pleasantly surprised that ours are doing a similar thing now several times a week. It's not guaranteed yet, but usually we get at least one overnight feeding stretch of 4+ hrs.

  2. I told you the babies would eventually figure out that nighttime is for sleeping. I think Adria started the two times a night at around 6 or 7 weeks. She was down to 1 time a night at around 4 months. (Of course every now and then she would get gas and wake up every couple of hours, but that was rare) Then at 7 months she started getting up more and more at night to eat and she was angry when she woke up. Turns out at that point we were training her to get hungry at night and it was waking her up. So we weaned her from night feedings and we all slept better. You are on your way!