Friday, September 17, 2010

Two Month Pediatrician's Appointment

Miles and Vivienne had their two month pediatrician's visit today, and it went very well:

We first saw the lactation consultant (our pediatrician has an in-house lactation consultant that we can see for only a co-pay... wonderful), and then we moved into the exam room for the doctor's appointment.  Vivienne weighs 8 lb 13 oz and Miles weighs 10 lb 9 oz.  Vivienne is still just under the 10th percentile and Miles is around the 30th percentile (not adjusted for being born premature or being a twin).  Miles has had some congestion over the past week, but he doesn't have a fever and the doctor said that it's nothing to worry about. 

The babies had to get their first set of vaccinations.  They did not enjoy it, to say the least.  Vivienne cried a lot with real tears.  Both babies started crying with tears over the past week.  It looks so sad.  =(  Miles actually handled the shots better, which surprised us.

But the vaccinations had us all tuckered out...

You can see the bandage on his leg from the shot.  They each got shots in both thighs.


  1. Wow, Miles already weighs more than Adria did at that age (just under 10 lbs).

  2. hey leslie, someone suggested this to me and it worked really well...i nurse jude while he's getting the shot. he usually yelps/cries for a second then latches back on and is fine.