Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Running Errands to Three Places in the Same Day

Wow.  I realize that I now get very excited about things that I completely took for granted before we had the babies.

Yesterday was a very good day.  As each of the babies woke up, I pulled them into bed with me.  They actually slept with me in bed until 9 am.  I couldn't believe it!  They usually wake me up around 7 am when the sun comes through our window.  It was so nice to get a couple extra hours of sleep.

Then we went on our walk together - the usual 2.5 mile walk on the trails in Cary.  It's so nice that the weather is getting just slightly cooler.  The highs are still in the 80s, but in the mornings, it is crisp and pleasant outside.  I can't wait until the leaves start changing.  Fall is my favorite season here.

When we got home, I fed the babies again and put them down for their nap.  Miles slept in the swing and Vivienne slept in her bouncey from 11:30 to 2:45.  What in the world is going on?  Our babies went almost 4 hours between feedings.  They have never done that during the day before.  While they were asleep, I got everything ready to go out - ate breakfast, got the car seats, the diaper bag, the stroller in the car, a fresh bottle of water, my wallet and cell phone... the list just goes on and on.  They woke up at 2:45 and I fed them again before going out to run errands.

Then we went to Target, PetSmart and Harris Teeter.  We've never tried to go to three different large stores in the same trip before.  Miles and Vivienne were great.  One of them was asleep the entire time, and I would usually carry the other one in my Maya ring sling.  By the time we got home, it was only about 30 minutes until Daddy (Jason) came home.

It was a great day.  I got to spend quality time with the babies and had some time to myself for laundry, email, cleaning, etc.  We successfully ran all our errands (the kitties will be so happy to have fresh cat food), and now Jason doesn't have to go to PetSmart after work to pick up cat food.


  1. Wow, I can barely get through a shopping trip to Target with Adria. Last night I had to buy her a can of Play-doh to keep her sitting in the cart. We had to exit the toy section pretty fast, she kept on saying 'Ball! My ball. Doll! My doll.' I had to keep on reminding her that they were Target's ball and doll.

  2. Awesome! I am always trying to figure out how to get everything I need in one store, instead of going to multiple places with them. It takes so much work and time. It can take all week to hit the places I need to go. Good for you!

    *Our babies did that sleep thing one day a few weeks ago. Not to depress you, but it hasn't happened again yet, much to my disappointment :(