Sunday, September 26, 2010

Will They Survive?

No, not the babies... the people that we left the babies with in the nursery at church!?! 

This morning, we went to the 10:30 service at our church and left the babies in the nursery there.  This was the first time that we have left them with someone else.  Granted, we were in the same building, but still - I had to leave my babies with people that I've only met once!!  Luckily, it worked out perfectly. 

I almost felt like I could cry walking into church for about a second, but I got over that very quickly.  We saw a friend on the way into church, and she said that she would peek in on them for us to make sure things were going well.  When we dropped them off at the nursery, there were two people working and just one other baby.  I was glad that there was only a 1:1.5 ratio of babysitters to babies. 

We had to sign Miles and Vivienne in, and then we got little tags that had numbers to match our babies.  If your child has a problem during the service, they will flash the child's tag number up on the monitors above our pastor.  Honestly, I kept looking for Miles' number.  He has a tendency to lose his sweet little mind sometimes. 

At one point, Jason leaned over to me and said, "It's not him."  I looked up at the screen and realized that there was a child's number.  For a second, my heart was in my throat until I realized that it was not, in fact, one of my children's numbers, and it did not say, "Whoever is Miles' mommy, please come get him.  He is losing his ever-loving mind." 

As soon as the service was over, we bolted out the doors to go check on Miles & Vivienne.  They were perfectly happy in the nursery, Miles in his overalls and Vivienne in her cute watermelon dress, snoozing away... just waiting for us to come chauffeur them home for lunch.


  1. As you probably know, CA has the same system. The one time Adria's number came up I think I left the service at a full on sprint just to find out that they paged me because she looked sad. I admit she did look sad and I was glad to cheer her up, but I was envisioning something much worse as I exited the service, like an allergic reaction or something.

  2. This is a huge milestone! I imagine it couldn't have been easy to leave them there, despite the good hands I'm sure they were in. Proud of you guys! It must get easier as time goes on, right? Makes me smile to think of Vivienne in her watermelon dress too! =)

  3. So glad it worked out well! I was praying for them, but more for you...

  4. Amanda, that is so funny about Adria! I'm glad to hear that she was just sad and there was nothing medical happening. I would have been freaking out if I were you.

    Katie, can't wait to hear about your first time leaving little Hudson. He'll be here before we know it! Eek!

    Kristi, thanks for the prayers. I needed them!

  5. We haven't gotten brave enough to leave ours in the nursery yet. I know we should try it before too long, but they're so cute to stare at in their seats during the service. Although I admit I cannot readily recall what we're talking about in church these days, what with the distractions!