Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Shoes

Over the past week or so, Vivienne has really been interested in our shoes.  She will crawl over to my shoes or her daddy's shoes and try to put them on her feet.  Of course, they are about 10 times the size of her feet and she can't come close to wearing them.  I have one pair of shoes that I bought for her at a consignment sale, but they are about an inch too long for her little feet.  She still loved to put them on her feet and try to walk around.  She was tripping on her enormous shoes, and this was just not going to work.  We gave her the Native American name "Little One Shoe" because she would put only one of these shoes on and wear it for hours.

Little One Shoe

Enter Grandma.

My mom saw Vivienne's clear love for shoes (in addition to the sores that she was getting from dragging her bare toes on the concrete sidewalk when she walked) and decided that something had to be done.  We took the babies to Southpoint Mall and Grandma bought them their first real, appropriately fitting pairs of shoes.  They are ridiculously cute.  Vivienne's little pink shoes are the perfect fit, and Miles looks so grown up in his little polo and his new sneaks.

Grandma and Vivienne at Stride Rite

Vivienne was still wearing her shoes that evening when Daddy came home.  (Notice no clothes, but still shoes.)

He looks like a little man in his shirt, shoes and socks.
Thanks for the new shoes, Grandma!


  1. Don't those Stride Rite prices kill you? Drew's mom got Adria some when she was out for Austin's birth, I usually just go to payless. Their feet grow so darn fast to be spending $50 on a pair of shoes...

  2. oh, those are SO cute! I've heard SR was a good place to get the right fitting shoes. I like the priorities of Vivienne - diaper, shoes, check.