Sunday, September 11, 2011

Little Old Lady Saves the Day

Last week, Grandma bought the babies their first pairs of real shoes.  These are the cutest, most awesome shoes ever.  Vivienne really loves her shoes, but she also loves taking them off and inspecting them.  While I was running on Friday, on the way home (on a 6 mile run), Vivienne decided to take one of her new shoes off and throw it overboard.  Of course, I did not notice for a few minutes.  I looked down and saw her little sock with no shoe!  Ahhh!  So we turned around to try to find it on the trail.  I was hoping that she hadn't dropped it at the end, because that was about 2 miles back and it would be a 10 mile run with a double stroller if she had dropped it all the way back there.  Luckily, as I turned a corner, I saw a little old lady (at least 80 years old) walking her little gray terrier.  She had Vivienne's tiny pink shoe in her hand and she was shuffling quickly towards us.  She said that she saw her drop it and she was trying to catch up with us.  I thought it was so sweet that she took the time (and effort) to try to catch this running mommy with her baby's shoe.  From now on, no nice shoes during our runs - at least until Vivienne learns not to throw them overboard.

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  1. Oh no! So glad you got the shoe back. We had to go back on a walk the other day to retrieve overboard toys...I was not too excited to backtrack the whole way. Yay for the sweet lady.