Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Couple of Runnin' Fools

The past few weeks at the Fox household have been very good for running.  Yesterday, Jason ran in the Greensboro Half Marathon as part of his training for the Richmond Marathon (coming up next month).  He beat his previous PR for a half marathon, running it in 1:23:11.  Considering this is only his second stand-alone half marathon race, that's pretty darn good.  (Ignore the fact that he's raced 4 stand-alone marathons, at least 7 Half Ironmans and 4 Ironmans, but apparently running a stand-alone half marathon is different?  He says,"It's an all out sprint.")  Anyway, Miles, Vivienne and I are ridiculously proud of him.  Way to go, Daddy!

A couple weeks ago, I ran 35 miles.  Last week, I ran 37 miles (42 miles total, if you include the 5 miles that I walked with Pam one day), including a 9-mile long run on Sunday.  Yesterday, I ran my fastest double-stroller 6-mile run at a 9:03 pace.  Today, I ran 10 miles (sans double stroller) at an 8:57 pace, which may actually be my fastest 10 miles ever (I can't remember my record from before the babies were born or even really what my middle name or social security number are anymore).

I'm officially training for a half marathon next month.  My goal is to beat 2 hours, which I was not able to do in my previous 2 half marathons (which were just over 2 hours).  We'll see what happens!  Wish me luck!  (Jason is going to run it with me, so that will be a "rest day" for him.  Show off.)

Forrest Gump would be proud.  (Miles and Vivienne, you'll have to Google that.  "Googling" is this term we used to use for looking things up on the internet.)


  1. wow. Just wow. You guys are awesome.

  2. hey, my comment posting worked today!!!