Saturday, October 1, 2011

League of Experienced Parents (aka Vomit Cleaners)

I feel like I have now been initiated into the League of Experienced Parents.  Wednesday morning had started out normally, except that Vivienne didn't have her usual breakfast appetite.  Sometimes they can be finicky about what they eat, so I assumed she was just having an "off" day with food.  I took the babies for our usual 6-mile run. We were about a mile out from the house, and Vivienne started crying.  This is unusual, because they usually ride along patiently in the BOB the entire time.  This time, she started crying for a couple minutes.  I did my usual "We'll be home soon, sweetie" and sped up.  Next thing I knew, she had vomited all over herself.

This was definitely not spit up.  It was last night's dinner and then some.  It smelled and looked like Mardi Gras.  I get chills just remembering it.  Poor baby!  I put my sweat rag over her to cover it up and ran the last mile home as quickly as I could.  She fell asleep for that last 10 minutes.  When we got home, she was sucking her thumb and snoozing away.  When I took her out of the stroller, she was literally sitting in a puddle of vomit.  Not fun.  No fun at all.  No fun for Mommy and no fun for Vivi.  I cleaned her up, and then she seemed totally normal.  I have no idea why she threw up, because she wasn't sick for the rest of the day.  Maybe she ate something bad, but Miles eats the same things, so I'm not sure how she would get it and not him.

I never thought a day would come when I could clean up another person's vomit and have my concern for them outweigh my grossedoutedness (that's a word, right?) about cleaning up vomit.  I guess I'm in love.

For future reference, baking soda went a long way in removing the acidic vomit Eau de Mardi Gras from the stroller.

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