Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stomach Virus

(You should be thankful that I am not including any photos in this post.)

Since last week's vomiting episode (which luckily only happened once), Vivienne has had pretty bad diarrhea.  It started on Saturday morning, and it's still going strong.  Miles had a small bout of it, but he seems to be on the road to recovery.  After this all started, I quickly abandoned our cloth diapers for disposable ones.  With the cloth diapers, I felt like I was spending half the day up in our bathroom dunking diarrhea diapers in the toilet - NOT FUN. 

We have been using the BRAT diet - bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.  We're also giving them yogurt.  Miles is loving that he can eat all these bananas.  We usually withhold the bananas from him (much to his dismay), because he has issues with constipation.  This week, eat AS MANY BANANAS AS YOU WANT, BUDDY!!  I would welcome a little constipation at this point.

Yesterday, Vivienne developed a diaper rash.  To me, it looks like a pretty bad case of diaper rash.  Our babies have never really had much diaper rash, so any sign of it looks severe to me.  She doesn't have boils or anything like that (which apparently they can get?), but it's really red and obviously very tender.  I think the acidity of her poo has been irritating her sensitive skin down there.  She would scream whenever I would change her diaper (which you are supposed to do very often when they have a diaper rash - again, NO FUN).  I'm not using regular wipes on her - just using cloth wipes with water and slathering on the A&D ointment.  It seems to be helping.

Yesterday, I was "airing her out" (aka letting her run around like a half nudie) in the front yard while we waited for Jason to come home.  I'm supposed to allow her to be as dry as possible, and apparently airing her out is the best way to do that.  I have blankets all over our family room floor today so that she can get a little more air down there.  Hopefully she doesn't have too many accidents.

I called the pediatrician twice this week - once to ask about the diarrhea and then again to ask about the diaper rash.  They don't seem too concerned about either one, so that is relieving.  They said that our babies are probably slightly contagious, especially at the onset of their symptoms, so I have been keeping them away from other kiddos this week.

Hopefully we're back to normal poo soon.  I never thought I would be able to discuss poo so openly and without feeling nauseated.

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