Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Kitty Cat!!"

Miles and Vivienne have their first official word - kitty cat.  They have said "mama" and "dada" for a while now, and they would repeat other words after we say them, like duck, done, dry, more, etc.  For the first time, it is very clear to us that they know exactly what a kitty cat is and they say "kitty" each time they see Noah or Chloe.  Of course, it comes out more like "titi" (no comments, please) in a very high-pitched voice.  I guess they raise their pitch because we typically raise our pitch when we say "kitty cat."  I must admit that it is ridiculously cute.  A couple weeks ago, I think Miles was holding a plush kitty at the Marbles Museum and calling it a kitty cat.  I was surprised that he recognized a plush cat so clearly.

What a patient titi.

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