Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby C

(From November 20, 2011)

Today was a great day.  After only one month of trying for our third child, I took a pregnancy test this morning and discovered that I am pregnant.  Considering all the difficulties we had conceiving our first babies, I never thought this would happen so quickly.

When we were trying to conceive Miles and Vivienne, it was 8 months of trying plus lots of tests and tears.  Ultimately, the doctors discovered that I was not ovulating.  I took Clomid and conceived the twins during the first month of medication.  We were very thankful that our solution was so quick, because we have many friends who have gone down a much longer road than we did.

I remember asking my OB if he had any idea why I wasn't ovulating, and he said that the number one reason is stress.  At that point, I had a fairly stressful job - lots of traveling to the West Coast, long hours, hard work, a lot of responsibility (much of it self-imposed).  Needless to say, I would consider that life to have been "high stress".  My life now isn't easy breezy (how can life with two toddlers be easy?), but I don't have a constant, underlying level of anxiety that I had while I was working.  I end my days exhausted, but my life is definitely more fulfilling and less stressful than it used to be.  I strongly believe that is why we were able to conceive this baby so quickly.

Today was also race day.  We ran a 5k race on a newly-constructed nearby freeway.  You don't often get the opportunity to run on a huge road like that, so we signed up for this a month or so ago.  Well, after I got my positive test result this morning, I had to decide whether I was really going to go all out on this race or just run it casually.  After a little Googling, it looked like I probably shouldn't push it, but I have a hard time just trotting along when I had really planned on trying to set a 5k PR for myself.  I guess I settled for an "easy race" pace.  I wasn't exactly sauntering, but I wasn't running as hard as I could have, either.  Jason ran alongside me with Miles and Vivienne in the double stroller.  Our time was 25:30 (not great, but not too shabby).  We were the first stroller to come in, and I was 100th (out of 434) and 7th in my age group.  I think it's also fitting that we celebrated our third child by running a race with our first two.

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  1. that is so awesome that it went so smoothly this time!! I do think the exhaustion and "stressful days" are totally and completely different, I have found that in comparing my work work and my mom work too.