Monday, November 21, 2011

Pullen Park

Today we took Miles and Vivienne to the newly renovated Pullen Park.  It has been closed for the past couple of years, and they just had their grand opening on Saturday.  Even though it's a Monday, the park was still pretty crowded, but it was manageable.

We bought tickets for the kids to ride on the kids' boats and for all of us to ride on the new train.  They loved both.

"Look!  I can make the bell ring!"

"Viv, you just sit back and relax.  I have this all under control."

I swear she enjoyed the ride, but just didn't enjoy the photo afterward.

After the rides, we spent about an hour playing on the great play equipment.  They have play structures for all ages.  Miles and Vivienne enjoyed the slides and the sandboxes.

Trying on Daddy's Hat for Size

It was a fun way to begin our Thanksgiving holiday.  We didn't get a chance to ride the carousel or walk around the lake.  Those will be on our list of things to do next time we visit.

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  1. Oh, that looks like so much fun! Um, how did you make sure they wouldn't try to stand up in the boat? I am thinking that Will and Claire might try it out of reach...But what a cool park. We should try to get together with you and check that out!