Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sneaky Little Guy

Yesterday, Miles was dropping his food on the floor, as he tends to do.  He does this when he's hungry, when he's done eating, when he's tired, when he's excited. It's his thing, much to my dismay.  I looked at him and sternly said,"Miles, NO DROPPING."  We had a stare down for a few seconds.  A big piece of tumbleweed rolled by.  Then, he slowly took a piece of food, put it under his high chair tray and dropped it on the floor from there.  I had to concentrate hard not to smile at that.  I guess he thinks that I can't figure out how he's doing that or he thinks I won't see it?  Sneaky little guy.  Let the games begin...


  1. I think he's just testing you! When I tell Sophie to stop dropping food on the floor, she starts stashing it in her high chair next to her :)

  2. Man, they are so smart! I like the tumbleweed image. I've started taking Claire out of her chair and making her pick it up and put it on her tray or plate. She gets it, but I don't know that it's decreasing the amount of dropped food.

  3. Miles is so sneaky!! =)

    Love Cousin Amber