Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vivienne Is Walking Well

It's official.  Vivienne is "walking well."  At our church, the kids move up to the next room when they are "14 months and walking well."  We hit the 14-month mark, but neither of our kiddos were walking well yet.  Over the past couple of weeks, Vivienne has definitely moved to the walking well stage.  She rarely crawls anymore, unless the terrain is too uneven for her to walk easily.  She even tries to walk up and down the stairs (which is much less efficient than her crawling brother).

Miles is still a crawler.  His balance seems to be improving, though.  He'll walk someday.

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  1. Oh, so they'll be in separate rooms? I hope they're not too lonely without their trusty sidekicks. That's great that Vivienne is a solid walker - I imagine Miles will want to keep up and get more into it soon.