Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Farm Animal Days

We had a great time visiting N.C. State's Farm Animal Days with Grandma and Grandad this morning.  It's a free event that allows little ones to see bunnies, turkeys, chicks, cows, sheep, goats, tractors and horses up close. 

Miles and Vivienne were able to get up close and personal with the chicks.  Miles was really interested in them and kept wanting to go back and hold them again.

We thought it was funny that we were waiting in line to sit in a tractor when Grandad has a tractor back in Georgia.  But, it was a big hit with both kids.  Miles loves pressing all the buttons and pulling all the levers.  Unfortunately, they only sat in it for about 60 seconds, because there was a long line of kids behind us waiting for their turn.

With all the interesting things to see, Miles was most intensely drawn to a stroller that someone had parked at the side.  Go figure.  There was no line for this particular stroller, but I had to tell Miles that we couldn't take it for a ride.  =)

After exploring the animals, we headed out for the Farmer's Market where we bought some locally grown veggies and plants and had a fried fish lunch (don't tell Daddy).  Vivienne discovered her love for ketchup during lunch.  At one point she was eating it straight off of her fork.

"The van is over there, Grandad!"

My little man

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  1. That looks like fun! What a wonderful treasure to have grandparents living so close. We gave Claire ketchup recently too, and she loved it (we're not big eaters of it, and I suspect the "dipping" had a lot to do with her enjoyment).