Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tobacco Road Half Marathon

This morning, Jason got up at 4:25 to go run the Tobacco Road Half Marathon.  This was a training run as part of his training for the Boston Marathon, which is only in 4 weeks!  I got up early, too... well, not SO early.  I got up at 7 am (the first time I have set my alarm clock in a long time, because I have 2 20-month-old alarm clocks in the next room).  I got the kids ready, packed them in the van, and flew over to the finish line to catch Daddy in action.

One kid seems much more excited than the other.
 Jason finished in 1:23:35.  He was very happy with his time.  We were waiting for him before he crossed the finish line, and the kids were excited to see him waving as he ran toward us.  Then he ran past us (to get the finish line), and Miles absolutely lost it.  He started bawling.  He didn't understand why Daddy was going away when he had not seen him all morning.  It was pretty cute.  I actually had tears in my eyes as well.  Even though Jason has done 4 Ironman triathlons and countless other marathons, half marathons, half Ironmans and other triathlons, I am still amazed and inspired and proud of every race he finishes.  It's such an incredible metaphor for life.  Run the good race.

Daddy and 2 of his 3 children after the finish
We also got to watch some friends finish.  Our friend, Julia, finished her seventeenth (what the heck???) half marathon, and Rhonda finished her first (I recognized her too late to pull out the camera unfortunately).  Leigh also completed her first full marathon, but the babies didn't have the stamina to wait for the full marathon finishers, so we didn't get to see her.  We're so proud of everyone for all they accomplished this morning.

Julia looking fabulous at the finish.

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  1. Jason is SUCH an inspiration.. I cannot wait to hear how he does in Boston in April. It was SUCH a treat to see your family yesterday!! XOXO