Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Egg Hunt

This morning, I took Miles and Vivienne to their first Easter egg hunt.  One of the mommies in our play group had a bunch of us over to her home to play and hunt eggs in their back yard.  Miles and Vivienne were very distracted by the slide and the sandbox and the basketball hoop, and they didn't really seem to grasp the whole concept of gathering eggs.  Luckily, we had some good friends there who were happy to help us fill our baskets.  The eggs had stickers in them instead of candy.  It was a fun morning playing with our friends.

Watch Greg, guys.  He has this egg hunting thing down.

Viv at least enjoyed opening the eggs to play with the stickers.

Miles tried his hand at basketball.  His dunk was unbelievable.  Surely the NBA is in his future.

Nothing makes Vivienne happier than filling her clothes with sand.


  1. Oh, the sand, the sand. My nemesis. I really dislike sandy hands and stuff, and my kids love it and don't care a bit. I think Claire and Vivienne are cut from the same cloth on that one.

  2. What a fun play group. Vivienne's pigtails are too cute Leslie!