Thursday, March 8, 2012

Halfway There

Tomorrow, I'll be 20 weeks pregnant.  I can't believe that this pregnancy is almost halfway over already.  It seems to be going by much more quickly with these two little ones to chase around. 

I'm feeling really great these days.  I'm still running.  Well, I guess it's more like jogging with my current pace, but it's still a whole heck of a lot more than walking.  =)  I went 16 miles last week (in addition to pilates, yoga and the Xtend Barre class).  This week, I have gone 14.5 miles already - hoping to get in a few more miles before the week is over.

I can feel our Baby Girl kicking a lot now.  It's fun to feel her moving around and learning to use her arms and legs.  She is supposed to be the size of a mango now.  Mangoes happen to be one of Jason's and my favorite fruits.

We're starting to think about names, but we haven't settled on anything yet.  I think we'll probably wait until she is born to tell anyone the name that we choose.  I can't believe she'll be here in a few short months.  I was just looking at pictures from Miles' and Vivienne's first weeks, and it is amazing how tiny they were and how big they are now.  The time does pass so quickly.  I'm glad that I'm here for every minute of it.

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