Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thank You!

Last week, I handed something to Vivienne and she said, "Thank you!"  I have never heard her say that before (or at least I had not recognized that she was saying it).  Whenever I empty the dishwasher, Miles and Viv will come running from the next room (because they hear the dishes clanging) to "help" me unload it.  They mainly just take out the silverware and hand it to me one piece at a time.  Though this significantly slows down the emptying process, I sit and take each piece one by one and exclaim, "Thank you!  Thank you!"  She must have learned it from me.

I've also noticed that she will occasionally hand me something and say,"Thank you."  I think she thinks that "thank you" means "we're handing each other things."  One step at a time, I suppose.


  1. So cute. Love the silverware story. Hudson just said "thank you" to me for the first time this week also. ;)

  2. We used to say thank you when we took stuff away from Adria, so she started swiping stuff very politely in the beginning.

  3. Yeah, I'm not sure we've fully grasped when to use Thank you!Sometimes I get it when they are done and hand me a milk cup (okay), sometimes when I want the other one to say thanks for receiving a toy from his/her Claire brings a toy to Will, I try to get him to say TY, and Claire does. Oh well. The dishwasher thing makes me laugh - I'm starting to let Claire (she's more interested) put in dirty silverware, but it's hard to stop her from licking every piece first.