Wednesday, March 3, 2010

17 Weeks and Bunnies

We're 17 weeks pregnant today.  You might be wondering what this has to do with bunnies.  Well, not much... except that I finished making these little bunnies for our friends' children.  Their daughter asked me for a bunny a couple months ago.  They are coming home from China tomorrow with their third child - a beautiful 3-year-old that they just adopted.  So I made a bunny for each of the kids

We're going to the airport to bring them their van so that they can drive home.  I think I'll put each bunny in the prospective child's car seat.  I'm not sure if the kids will even be awake enough to notice them (after something like 20+ hours of travel time), but I'm glad that I finally kept my promise to their little girl to make her her own bunny (with a purple tail). 


  1. What a wonderful gift! You are so talented Leslie! I'm so excited for your friends' 3rd child's homecoming!!! :) Katie

  2. So the bunnies were a hit! Kylie noticed hers immediately when she got in the van and of course knew who it came from. We are honored to be able to call you guys friends!