Monday, March 29, 2010

Lots of Kicking and Another Trip to San Diego

The babies have started to move a lot lately.  I really love that.  I seem to feel them the most in the morning and the evening.  They also seem to move when I eat or drink something with sugar or caffeine in it.  Last night when we were lying in bed, we were both staring at my stomach.  At least twice, I felt a pretty good kick and could actually see my stomach twitch a little bit.  I'm sure as the pregnancy progresses, it will become easier to feel and see, but it's just really fun for us to be experiencing this for the first time. 

Tomorrow, I'm going for another regular OB appointment and then heading to RDU to go to San Diego for work.  On the way there, I have a short layover in Atlanta, so I'm going to get to visit with my dad for just a couple hours.  On Friday night, I'll be heading to Pasadena to see my family & friends.  My brother and sister-in-law live there, and my mother and niece will be visiting also.  Some of my dearest friends are going to have a little shower for me that evening.  It will be great to see them.  I'm really excited.  I have wonderful friends.  I already know that the weekend will be too short.

Oh! I just felt another kick...

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  1. Your babies are on Hong Kong time. They sleep when you are moving around, and get active when you (want to) sleep. It will become more apparent soon. :)