Monday, March 8, 2010

I Can't See My Toes!

I noticed this weekend that I can't see my toes without leaning forward.  That feels really, really weird.  I started wondering this weekend whether I would eventually come to a point where I can't paint them myself.  I think that's somewhat likely, but I'm not sure.  I'll have to research that a bit.  I guess it's a good excuse to actually pay for a pedicure.  I haven't done that for a long time now.

We had wonderful weather this weekend, and we took advantage of it.  On Saturday, we walked 5 miles on a trail - the farthest that I have gone in a long, long time.  It felt very good, and it was nice to get some fresh air outside.  Yesterday, I took a monster nap in the afternoon, but we got out for another 2.5 mile walk just before the sun set.  I'm hoping that this warm weather hangs out for a while now.  It's hard to believe it was snowing just a couple weeks ago!

We have a list of names narrowed down now.  We have something like 6 girls names and 9 boy names.  I think we have some good candidates.  I really don't want their names to sound matchy-matchy.  But some of them do start with the same letter (by coincidence only).  It's going to be hard to decide which names to pick in the end.  I have a feeling that we won't have these nailed down for a long time.

I don't feel too much pressure about this now, because I just read that Jermaine Jackson named his fourth son Jermajesty.  Wow.  Well, we couldn't possibly pick a worse name than that.  =)


  1. Wow, good work on the names. It's novel to me that you have a long list that you have to narrow down. Between Amanda and I, we had a very hard time just getting a single name or two onto the list. I think elimination is a good problem to have!

  2. Amen on the beautiful weather! It is just what the doctor ordered to help overcome jet lag!
    And if you need someone to accompany you on a pedicure outing, let me know. I think that with three littles running about that I will want an escape every now and then! We'll let the guys entertain my three and go for a girls morning or afternoon!
    Can't wait to hear the top five names! Actually, I more can't wait to see their sweet faces, but the names will stand in the gap for now...