Wednesday, March 10, 2010

18 Weeks

We're 18 weeks today.  I want to say something like,"We're almost halfway there!" or something like that.  The problem is that I don't know if we'll get to 40 weeks.  Most twin pregnancies are born around the 36 week mark.  So I'm technically due on August 11, but 36 weeks would be July 14.  If I knew I would deliver at 36 weeks, I could say that I'm halfway there now... but who knows what's going to happen?

I have a strong hunch that the last half is going to be harder than the first half, though I did feel incredibly nauseated for the first 3 months of my pregnancy.  Once I have two babies kicking around inside of me and struggling for space, I can only imagine that it gets very uncomfortable very quickly.

We really do need to take some new belly pictures now.  We haven't been very good about that lately.  I'll try to do it this week.  Every time I go to take a picture, I start scratching my belly because it itches.  Then I look like I've been attacked by a wolverine or something in the pictures.


  1. Snickering over the wolverine thought...
    And if it is gonna be July, the 17th is a nice day!

  2. Wolverine, hehe. :-) (I might be snickering at the wolverine comment for a different reason than the gal above though, my old life group friend Leslie... ;-) That's right, you know what i'm talking about! Serves you right, haha!)

  3. YEAH WOLVERINE gets a shout out. Love your blog. It's so great!